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The ISO family of High Bay luminaires is designed to cover new or retrofit installations from 150W to 1000W metal halide equivilant.

ISO is available from 30w to 440w power ratings, 4 different beam angles, 2 different colour temperatures, 70 and 80 CRI and IP40 and IP65 options, quite simply there is an ISO High Bay fitting that can cover nearly all industrial illumination needs.

The ISO has been designed to achieve optimal cooling of the LED light engine with Phase Change Materials (PCM) inside the integrated copper heat pipe, while the folded fin heatsink core all aid in keeping the junction temperatures below critical peaks. The basic core design also allows for a much lighter fitting with better heat dissipation properties than sold heatsinks found in first generation high bay fittings. Secondary internal stainless steel wire sling offers peace of mind ensuring all components are tied together preventing any possible dislocation in high demand areas.

For maintenance the ISO incorperates durable quick connectors to assist in fast and reliable driver replacement without the need for any specialised tooling, reducing maintenance down time to a minimum over the life of the fitting while ensuring operator safety.

Available with optional advanced automation compatable DALI (1-100%) dimming via switch dimming, active lux control or typical building automation systems. ISO can be fitted with remote emergency power supply negating the requirement for specialised emergency luminaires.

Package includes, luminaire, reflector, Meanwell driver, 2m flex and plug as standard. IES data available on request.


Please contact us for purchase options and avaliablity on this product

ISO Series High Bay

  • Please contact us for Technical Specifications and Avaliablity on this product

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