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SeerLED Lighting Consult

We are here to help light up your project at the highest extent of illumination innovation

Deciding on the right lighting for a particular task or environment can be quite a daunting process. All SeerLED luminaires maintain accurate IES / LDT files that allow for planning and concept realisation through the use of 3D illumination modelling software.

Current building regulations require energy efficient solutions to be found and utilised to achieve the right illumination for any given environment. With careful planning and accurate modeling SeerLED can ensure you meet your obligations while achieving your desired outcome, its all part of the service to ensure you get what you need.

Our Design Process



Site Inspections & Collaboration

Our designers meet with you and your architect to gain an understanding of your project and your specific needs. we will collaborate with clients, architects, builders and interior designers to enhance the initial concepts



The creation of a bespoke lighting design begins with an appropriate lighting control system to suit the space. We create or import a 3d digital model of the project into our software to assist with calculations and further development


Technical Drawings & Electrical Planning

We will generate electrical and lighting systems technical drawings available to share with your architect, builder and electrician. We also complete detailed renderings of the lighting design ahead of approval to ensure you are happy with the design before it is finalised.


Project Delivery

We work closely with the builders and electricians to resolve and achieve every challenge of your build successfully. We personally set the final details of the lighting design to ensure every detail is delivered to the highest standard before you relax and enjoy the elegance and comfort of your space.

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