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Project Planning

Planning is one of the most important phases for achieving ideal illumination for your project. Quite often lighting is considered an after thought and left to the last minute to make critical decisions that can potentially cause conflicts with your new building and environment.


SeerLED works with clients and contractors to ensure all aspects are covered from start to finish including but not limited to, installation analysis, matching luinaires to decor, illumination performance, illuminaition projection,  oh&s requirements, technical specifications, service life maitenance plans, technical training, project illumination modelling, concept development and many more.


Every project is different, so every project requires careful thought progression to achieve optimal, future proof solutions.      


After Sales Service

After sales service is what sets us appart from all the other LED suppliers in the market today. 


We have been in the market long enough to understand that a sale doesnt end the day you take delivery of the goods.


Our sales team will check on your project before, during and after completion to make sure you are happy with the outcome. If you are not happy we will do our best to ensure any problems are rectified to a suitable standard.


When you have a problem we are happy to take your call to sort out a solution. This is what we do, its all part of the process.


Lighting Design

Deciding on the right lighting for a particular task or environment can be quite a daunting process. SeerLED maintains an inhouse lighting design service with 2 full time lighting designers and an architect to ensure your ideas are turned in to reality.


All SeerLED luminaires maintain accurate IES / LDT files that allow for planning and concept realisation through the use of 3D illumination modelling software.

Current building regulations require energy efficient solutions to be found and utilised to achieve the right illumination for any given environment. 


With careful planning and accurate modeling SeerLED can ensure you meet your obligations while achieving your desired outcome, its all part of the service to ensure you get what you need.


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