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Vari FloodLight

Tech Specs

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The VARI range of flood lights provides fantastic versatility and durability through out the whole family. From 70w to 1100w power ratings to the 11 different beam angle options, Warm, Neutral and Cool colour temperatures with 70 and 80 CRI options, there is a VARI luminaire that will be capable of achieving all your illumination needs.


Designed from the ground up to prolong the life of the light emitter (LED), VARI incorperates pressed, linked and bonded heatsink technology for an extremely light weight luminaire compared with heavy first generation injection molded fittings.


The open housing design allows air to flow through the fin pack using natural convection to assist in keeping the whole heatsink module below critical temperature. The illumination engine PCB disperses the LEDs over a wider area greatly reducing thermal density and peak junction temperatures that would typically accelerate decay of an LED.


For maintenance the VARI includes a separate closed driver compartment with durable IP65 connections to speed up driver replacement without the need for specialised tooling.


Available with optional advanced automation compatable DALI (1-100%) dimming via switch dimming, active lux control or typical building automation systems. VARI can also be fitted with remote Emergency power supply options thus creating a total illumination solution.


Standard package includes, luminaire, Meanwell driver, 2m flex and plug as standard. IES data available on request.

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