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LURO Series - Economical convenience.

Surface mount, weather proof fluorescent battens have been considered an industry standard in lighting for many years now and are used in a wide range of applications such as schools, mines, public spaces and general commercial / industrial projects alike.

Until now, many companies have been pushing for LED tube replacements however LED tube often does not make economical sense.

To obtain the maximum efficacy from an LED retro fit, the existing luminaire should be rewired to bypass the original driver. If the original driver is maintained in the system it will keep consuming the same amount of power as the original incandescent tubes. In these circumstances, it can be more cost effective to replace the fitting all together, providing a brand new, efficient and permanent solution.

Its this conundrum that has helped us develop the LURO Series linear luminaires. Feature rich for a competitive price the LURO has been designed with LED in mind from the ground up especially to replace those old worn out fluro fittings. IP65 water proof and IK10 impact resistance all add up to a long lasting LED solution that can fit practically any installation scenario.

LURO is available in 15w - 30w - 40w - 60w - 80w - 90w and 120w options from 300mm to 2400mm, it can be installed surface or suspended as required allowing a good degree of flexibility. Install is fast, simple and neat with the inbuilt quick connection system. The connection system also allows LURO to be daisy chained together reducing wiring time and simplifying future maintenance.

One of the biggest issues with LED fittings is maintenance. The construction of the LED system really doesn't make life easy when it comes time to replacing a driver or PCB. LURO is designed to be simple and easy to change out a defective luminaire in seconds allowing for the repair to be carried out in a more friendly environment when and where you choose. LED PCBs are easy to replace with no heat paste required, and the driver is mounted on a retractable tray for easy replacement.

DALI control will be available in November with the 30w and 60w options coming first followed by the 120w in the new year.


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