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Automated, Dimmable Warehouse Lighting Now A Reality.

DALI Zone Control Lighting

SeerLED recently commissioned one of the first in Australia, fully automated, DALI / KNX lighting control systems with motion sensing, daylight harvesting and remote access monitoring. The system has been operating for 5 months with minimal reprogramming required to meet the customers operational requirements.

The major benefit is the massive reduction in power consumption from lighting that would normally be on for 15-20 hours a day, even if it wasn't neeeded. This can now be reduced to maintain a trageted lux level during day and night operations. By maintaining a pre-determined lux level during the day, lighting can be on minimal power or completly off maximising power savings over the long term. Daylight harvesting logic ensures overcast days wont lead to safety breaches with below standard lux levels. When the system detects a low lux occurance the sensors adjust the dimming of the fittings in a accupied zone to achieve the pre-designated lux level. Adjusments are made over a couple of minutes to avoid any instant increase in light levels that could also cause a safety issue.

Daylight hours are typically the hottest parts of the day, this extra heat can accelerate LED decay and fitting failure. By maintaining luminaires on mimumal power settings the luminaires don't reach critical temperates so decay rates are even further reduced providing a truely long term illumination solution.

Night time warehouse operations typically requires small areas of the warehouse, being used for short periods of time. The control system operates the luminaires on demand in occupied zones. If the zone hasn't been occupied for 10 minutes the system is programmed to progressivly lower the lux levels in increments back to 0% over a specified period. This allows warehouse staff to see where they are going since the luminaire will not switch off and leave them in the dark. The KNX protocol has allowed for a truely customisable, scalable solution that can be easily reconfigured in years to come should the warehouse operations need to change or the addition of extra sensor be required.

One of the main strengths of LED lighting is the instant on with no restrike wait times unlike incandescent luminaires. The technology has progressed even further with a reliable, cheap and cost effective automation solutions allowing maximum savings on your investment. While illumination running costs are not always the biggest cost of business the savings do add up very quickly with an 'on demand' system. Never again will a staff member forget to turn off the lights costing you valuable money or forget to turn on the lights when illumination levels are unsafe.

Additional benefits outlined by the customer indicate the warehouse staff now have an extra sence of situational awareness when someone else is in the building becuase a zone will be activated where normally it would not need to be. Staff are then more alert to potenial hazards which now sees them taking more care when a zone activation occures.

For more information on how SeerLED can work with you on trimming down your energy consumption contact or call Toll Free 1800 790 923.


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