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Designed for maximum flexibility while maintaining a suitable price point for most intended applications. The Neos system allows over 450 combinations of light module and trim offering a versatile illumination system. Ideally suited to residential applications the NeosG608 12w 60° downlight module is fully capable new build or retrofit system with the latest Luminus LED technology.


Packaged with a triac dimmable driver, flex and plug as standard allowing simplicity to the core. Available in 4000k Neutral and 3000k Warm colour temperatures in 90 CRI. The NeosG608 is also the perfect solution for retro fitting existing Halogen luminaires. Simply take out the old halogen bulb and driver and replace it with the NeosG608 and driver fitted to the existing trim. The shape of the Neos is designed to replicate MR16 globes so retro fit is a breeze.


The NeosG608  includes a ACTEC Triac dimmable driver with flex and plug as standard and a trim of your choosing. This light module is equivalent to 20-30w Halogen down light. Ideally suited towards commercial and residential applications.


Trim Options Not included. Please see Trim Options Avaliable

NeosG608 Deep Recessed Downlight 8W

  • LED Qty: 1pc

    LED Type: Luminus (CXM-7)

    LED Power: 6w

    System Power: 8.0w @ AC240v

    CCT: 3000k ~ 4000k

    Luminous Flux: 500 ~ 550lm @ 90CRI

    Beam Angle: 60°

    Driver Options: ACTEC

    Operating Temp: -20°C ~ +50°C

    Ingress Protection: IP20

    LED Certification: LM80

    Weight: 85g

    Cutout Size: Various

    Install Spacing: 1.0 - 3.0m

    Warranty: 3 Years

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