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This HEP LMV12W12 uni Driver is a reliable and efficient lighting LED driver. It features a compact size design, high power factor, wide input voltage range and provides a constant output voltage of 12V. It is designed for a variety of lighting applications, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP 65+ Ligting fittings only). It is easy to install, and is backed by a two year warranty.


HEP LMV12W12 Uni Driver

Supply Voltage: 100-240V AC

Supply Current: @230V AC 130mA

Power Factor: λ=0.50

Supply Frquency: 50-60Hz

Tempurature Range: -20°C - 50°C


Uout = 12 VDC Constant

Iout = 1.0 A

Const.Pout = 0-12 W

HEP LMV12W12 uni Driver

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