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5 Kingston Parade

Builder / Architect
Felmeri Homes
Project Type
Luxury Residential
Low - Mid (0.35)
Mid - Low
Power Density
Nova SN0112
Nova SN0206
Decor SN3902
Nova SN0503

The minimalist interior with premium materials exuded refined luxury. Functionality and collaboration with SeerLED resulted in a unique and breathtaking home. Now a testament to Felmeri Homes' craftsmanship and innovation, the completed abode in Lightsview SA is a dream come true for the clients, providing a contemporary oasis with stunning and functional living spaces. Premium materials and finishes were carefully selected throughout, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal, from the sleek façade to the meticulously chosen fixtures and fittings, exuding refined luxury.

Functionality and practicality were also prioritized in the design to meet the needs of the modern lifestyle. The collaborative effort between the clients and SeerLED resulted in a truly unique and breathtaking home that perfectly reflected the clients' vision and desires.

Project Gallery

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