VARI Series. Tailor your area lighting requirements.

VARI 70w Flood

The VARI series of floods have been avalable for some time now and are proving to be somewhat of a revalation with customers.

Recent improvements to the light engine include the upgrading of the LED to the high efficacy Philips Luxeon T LED (110lm/w) and the addition of 2 more beam angle options to provide an even broader scope for an already versatile luminaire.

SeerLED has taken things a step further with the inclusion of a high grade waterproof quick connection system to add faster and simpler servicability. While most people believe LED lighting is impervious to failure it simply is not the case with the typical break down point being the driver 90% of the time. A lot LED flood luminaires need to be opened to service the driver located internally to help with packaging and safety. This packaging simply adds an element of complexity to the servicing proceedure with most luminaires having to be removed to complete the driver replacement. In some cases the luminaire needs to be returned to base for repairs which leaves the customer without a light fitting for a week or more. The VARI series driver is stored internal for safety but it is isolated from the LED compartment via a simple cover.

VARI 440w Flood

Instead of having to maintain spare luminaires it is now a case of simply having a spare driver on hand to repair the fitting back to servicability, it's cheaper and faster reducing maintenace costs and saving time while also being a lot safer with no bare wires.

VARI has 11 beam angles options in power settings ranging from 40w to 1100w. Providing multiple beam angle options allows customers to pick and choose the right luminaire for their requirements. Unlike the good old days of incandecent luminaires that distributed light in all directions, LED can be shaped to allow lower power while achieving the same or higher lux levels as legacy luminaires. From a simple small area security lighting project, large scale sports field, catwalk illumination or a carpark VARI has an option that will suit your needs.

IES data is available for most options on request and SeerLED maintains an in house design department that can find the right luminaire for your requirements.

VARI Series

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